How to Be a Rideshare Driver Without a Car

How to Be a Rideshare Driver Without a Car
How to Be a Rideshare Driver Without a Car

While it’s not difficult to begin driving for a rideshare administration like Uber or Lyft, there are a couple of prerequisites to begin. New drivers commonly must be a specific age, have a spotless driving record, and have a specific number of long periods of driving experience.

Obviously, a major bit of the riddle is having a vehicle to drive.


Because of rideshare vehicle rental organizations, getting in on the rideshare fever isn’t restricted to vehicle proprietors. Regardless of whether you don’t have a vehicle at all or simply need to save some mileage on your own vehicle, leasing a vehicle can help you begin acquiring with a rideshare application. The key is finding the correct organization for you.

Keep in mind, most insurance agencies won’t cover claims from ridesharing-related mishaps. So ensure you purchase the privilege rideshare vehicle protection inclusion prior to leasing a vehicle.

Would you be able to Rent a Car for Rideshare Driving?

You can lease a vehicle for rideshare passing through a rideshare vehicle rental organization. A portion of these are notable rental organizations accessible the nation over, while others are application based and offer somewhat more availability to rideshare drivers.

Leasing a vehicle to use as a rideshare driver is not the same as a customary vehicle rental you would get if your vehicle is in the shop or you’re holiday. Also, in particular, it’s not quite the same as a vehicle rent. Things like limitless mileage and least rental prerequisites are regular with rideshare rental projects.

Simply recall that the expense of leasing a vehicle for rideshare work is something other than a week after week charge. As the leaseholder, you’ll likewise be answerable for other charges and expenses, just as the expense of gas.


A few organizations incorporate protection inclusion, yet not all. If not, this implies you’ll need to buy extra inclusion on the vehicle. To find out additional, look at Insurify’s manual for rideshare vehicle protection.

How to Be a Rideshare Driver Without a Car
How to Be a Rideshare Driver Without a Car

A note of alert to possible tenants: Understanding the rental expense and your potential income is significant on the off chance that you need to turn any sort of benefit on your ridesharing. Part of finding the privilege rideshare rental organization expects you to sort out how you’ll really utilize the vehicle. Consider how regularly you’ll be driving, and discover the normal profit of a rideshare driver in your general vicinity to sort out if leasing a vehicle is the correct decision for you.

Step by step instructions to Qualify for Rideshare Car Rentals


Be on favorable terms with the rental organization: Some organizations that offer rideshare rentals, similar to Hertz, additionally offer other rental administrations. These organizations justifiably expect you to be on favorable terms with them, which implies any bills are settled up.

Have a legitimate charge or Visa: You’ll need a charge or Visa on record with most rideshare vehicle rental organizations. Your card ought to have enough credit extension to oblige a charge for the entire rental period and an impermanent hold when you get your vehicle. This is to guarantee you have adequate assets.

Have a functioning record with Uber or Lyft on favorable terms: For most projects, you need to effectively be an endorsed driver with a rideshare organization to fit the bill for this specific kind of rental.

Instructions to Choose the Right Car Rental Company for Rideshare

There are a couple of things to remember while picking the privilege rideshare vehicle rental organization for you.

Agreement alternatives: Does the rideshare organization offer present moment, inexhaustible rentals? Or then again will you need to focus on a drawn out agreement? In case you’re just working two jobs as a rideshare driver, perhaps day-long or week by week rentals are a superior fit for you.

Mileage limits: Make sure your vehicle rental offers limitless miles with your arrangement. All things considered, your objective as a rideshare driver is to keep the meter running, as it were—you would prefer not to be rebuffed for a fruitful night on the application!

Estimating: What are the rental charges for your vehicle? Look at any essentials just as what the charge card hold would resemble for miscellaneous items or issues. There’s a decent possibility you’ll have to put down a security store or Mastercard hold before you begin driving, so ensure you can take care of that expense.

Area: If you’re a Uber or Lyft driver in a significant metropolitan territory, odds are you’ll have a couple of choices of organizations to look over that oblige rideshare vehicle rentals. Nonetheless, vehicle tenants in more modest urban areas may have less rental choices to look over. Before you get excessively far all the while, ensure the vehicle rental organization is open to you. A few projects let you recharge your tenant contract for half a month yet expect you to restore the vehicle and lease another vehicle following a month. A long trip to a

organization part could be wasteful and exorbitant in the event that you don’t locate the correct area.

Advantages: What accompanies your tenant contract? Are emergency aides and risk protection included? Would you be able to utilize the vehicle for individual use? These are acceptable examination focuses on the off chance that you have a couple of rental alternatives to browse.

Where to Rent Cars for Rideshare

On the off chance that you need to begin driving for rideshare however don’t possess a vehicle, don’t look to customary vehicle rentals or renting choices. These are generally planned for individual utilize and can accompany severe mileage limits.

All things considered, look at a rental program that takes into account rideshare drivers. Here are a few alternatives for anybody hoping to begin driving for Uber or Lyft.


Hertz has cooperated with Uber to bring to the table a rideshare rental program, yet Lyft drivers can likewise lease vehicles with this organization.

Hertz rentals are accessible to confirmed Lyft and Uber drivers more seasoned than 21 years of age with a legitimate driver’s permit and charge or Visa.

There is a base seven-day rental, so regardless of whether you simply need to utilize the vehicle for end of the week rides, you’ll need to pay for and save the vehicle for an entire week at any rate. Hertz is just getting started in 11 states, so ensure you have an area that offers rideshare rentals close to you.

Hertz doesn’t need any drawn out agreements, similar to a rent, and incorporates risk protection with its rideshare rentals. Another advantage that Hertz offers is all year emergency aides.

Express Drive

Lyft Express Drive is a rental program for new Lyft drivers. Through an organization with Hertz and Flexdrive rental organizations, Lyft drivers more established than 25 can lease a vehicle directly through the Lyft application.

At the point when you apply to the Express Drive program, you’re really taking out two targets with one shot: drivers can apply to this program for general Lyft driver status endorsement and to have the option to lease a vehicle through Lyft’s accomplice organizations. It’s a one-venture measure. Simply remember that it’s an appeal program, so it could take you some effort to get coordinated with a vehicle.


HyreCar is an incredible choice for super transient rentals. Need a vehicle for a day? HyreCar might be your smartest choice.

Rather than leasing a vehicle from a set up armada like with a customary rental vehicle, HyreCar is a vehicle sharing application for Uber and Lyft drivers, just as conveyance drivers for applications like Postmates.

The drawback is that endorsement for a vehicle isn’t ensured. Vehicle rentals with HyreCar are accessible on an endorsed by-proprietor premise. Despite the fact that you need to demand five vehicles at the hour of reservation, there’s a possibility none of them work out.

For drivers who can only with significant effort access a vehicle rental organization to get, HyreCar offers a decent other option: some vehicle proprietors will convey the vehicle right to your entryway.


Getaround is another carsharing application that offers momentary vehicle rentals. What’s more, we mean truly present moment, as hourly to every day.

While Getaround fundamentally offers vehicle sharing for individual use, select urban areas offer Uber drivers ensured vehicles for rentals. Despite the fact that these are vehicles possessed by people, Getaround gives driver uphold emergency aides, limitless mileage, and obligation inclusion.



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