Don’t fall into the trap of buying inappropriate car insurance!

If you own a car, it is more likely that you have acquired an insurance policy for your car in order to fulfill the legal requirements. It is also likely that you did not pay much attention to it, as most people do not consider the impact that their wrong and ill-considered choice of the insurance policy may have. It is important that you invest in a comprehensive, well-rounded insurance policy that suits your specific needs to always have peace of mind.

In this article, the Capital Market team explains how you can avoid purchasing an insurance policy that is not suitable for you.

  1. Buy the cheapest option available without considering it


Yes, we are fully aware that under the laws enacted by the state, all you need is an insurance policy with very basic coverage – the third-party insurance policy is devoid of any other benefits. But, will this document fulfill the purpose when you are exposed to a traffic accident, God forbid? Will it reduce the financial burden that will fall on your shoulders then? Indeed, such documents cover any damages that you may cause to someone else’s car, but they will not benefit you in the event of any damage to your car! Buying the cheaper option is usually a bad choice when you are looking for a long term insurance policy that will definitely help you reduce your costs.

  1. Buy the most expensive option available without considering it


Here we see the opposite, unfortunately, the high price is not a measure of the quality of the product sometimes, and this applies in the case of insurance as well. You need to specify what you need in your insurance policy before purchasing it. If you do not drive a lot and as a result your car is exposed to a lower percentage of risk, in this case you will not benefit much from buying an expensive insurance policy. When choosing an insurance policy, be sure to try to adjust the features and benefits the policy provides by adding what you need and deleting what you do not need.

  1. The inability to compare options available before purchasing


With many different insurance companies in the market, you will find a sea of ​​insurance policies with very different benefits, benefits and terms. So why not invest some time looking at well-researched information that will help you choose the best insurance policy? Do a thorough research session during which you can compare the various conditions and benefits offered by the various insurance policies, to make sure that you have chosen the right policy. For example, surfers of the money market website can compare fifteen insurance policies in just one minute, choose the features and benefits they need, and select a policy that suits their requirements in less than an hour! Not to mention that they will get many different discounts on documents, so why not take advantage of them? Make sure to carefully research the market for such offers and discounts before choosing the right insurance policy for you.

  1. The deductible is too high or too low


This is the out-of-pocket amount you have to pay to the company before the insurance claim is settled. Usually, with a low deductible, the premium will be higher, and if there is a higher deductible, the premium will be lower. The question you have to answer is which one will be right for you. Make sure that the deductible you choose does not take you out of the pre-set budget for your car insurance – and that it is neither too high nor too low.

  1. The value of your car is high or very low compared to reality


Before choosing an insurance policy, you must provide the insurance company as close as possible to your vehicle’s current value. Any errors in answering this question will lead to you obtaining completely inappropriate coverage, as the value of your car is the criterion that determines the type of document that you will obtain. The higher the value of your car, the more comprehensive the insurance policies will be and contain many advantages, while cars with low value will only get the simpler documents that do not contain many advanced benefits.

  1. Buy insurance from a car dealership


When you go to car dealerships to buy a new car, it is more likely that they will suggest you an insurance policy with comprehensive coverage and multiple benefits on site, and this may seem an attractive option for many people. But, in fact, it is always better to be patient and study the options in the market and their various prices and advantages, rather than buying the first option offered to you. Make sure to get offers from other companies that offer a similar level of coverage before making your decision.


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