Are you purchasing your first car insurance policy? These things should be taken seriously!

You definitely won’t be buying the first car you see, which is why you are also likely to invest a little time in choosing your first car insurance policy. Car insurance is a financial obligation that lasts a whole year, and no one wants to find himself bound by a policy that does not suit his needs.


The idea of ​​purchasing the first car insurance policy may be somewhat confusing, especially for those who bought their first car in their life; There are many providers of insurance policies and insurance products in Bahrain. So, how can you find an insurance policy that includes everything you personally need?

There are two general categories that cover all types of car insurance policies here in Bahrain, which you can choose based on your budget and personal requirements. The first type is the “third party liability” insurance, which is a very basic insurance that protects you from the claims of third parties in the event – God forbid – another car or property of another person is damaged or another person is injured in a traffic accident in which you are the wrong party. Under this coverage, the insurance company is obligated to compensate the third party for the damages it suffered in the accident, which means that the damage to your car will not be covered.


The second type is comprehensive coverage, which provides you with greater and stronger protection, so that damage to your car is covered in the event – God forbid – you are exposed to a traffic accident or your car is stolen, vandalized, or natural disasters.

Read the document’s features very carefully


It is important that you are familiar with the coverage that car insurance policies provide before you choose it. It is not sufficient for you to check the accidents that are covered under insurance, but you also have to check the higher amount of coverage for each type of accident. Reading all the benefits, limitations, and exclusions contained in the document ensures that you know what you are buying.

Read more about the additional benefits


Most car insurance policies come with a long list of regular benefits, but there are additional benefits that you can use to boost your coverage. These “add-ons” are available with most insurance policies these days, and some examples are as follows: renting a replacement car, covering personal injuries, and preserving the premiums value upon renewing the policy.

Learn about unfamiliar terms


Car insurance policies are filled with difficult terms that the public is not familiar with and can be difficult for many car owners to understand. Terms such as “deductible amount”, “total loss”, “insured declared value” and others are terms that form important parts of the insurance policy coverage, so you should know them in order to be able to understand the benefits that your insurance policy gives you.

Understand the deductible


The liability is a specified amount that you must pay when you apply for your auto insurance policy. This amount may vary according to the different policy you have selected; However, you can usually choose to pay a higher premium if you want to reduce or eliminate the deductible.

Make a comparison before buying


When you bought your first car, did you buy the first car you saw? Of course, your answer to this question will be no. Likewise, insurance policies are an important part of driving your car, and it is very important to invest an appropriate amount of time in studying and comparing the documents in the market.


Money Market helps you to do this comparison, allowing you to choose an insurance policy that suits your needs. You can compare several prices within a few minutes, and purchase the policy of your choice through our insured website, so that your insurance policy will arrive in your email without having to go to the insurance company office.


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